Call Centre


When you operate a dynamic business, keeping pace with the needs of your customers and delivering world-class service is a top-notch priority. Savvy customers are using multiple platforms to interact with companies. To retain customers, businesses need to provide excellent service at every customer touchpoint.

A Call center is one of the best mediums to resolve easy to hard queries, issues, & problems. There might be multiple modes of communication such as email, SMS, direct call, & chat, but the customer always prefers to call the Call center to raise their complaints or solve any query.

Managing customer support is a big challenge for many growing enterprises or companies. When receiving a query or complaint, your customer support management software should be equipped to empower your service agents to provide a superior service experience. The CRM application should provide your call center agents access to updated customer-related information, purchased product information, call history, warranty details as well as service history.

ServitiumCRM – a customer support management software offers a robust platform to service agents enabling them to deliver an excellent service experience.

ServitiumCRM is a Modern Customer Service Platform. It helps call center agents to access proper information on customer account & history instantly to improve the overall customer engagement. It provides a real-time view to agents across processes – on the web as well as on the mobile.

Key Features ServitiumCRM – Customer Service Management Software

  • Centralized Customer Data

    Give your service teams a single platform to track and manage all customer interactions. Our customer service management software provides a complete insight into received service requests, queries, issues, & grievances of customers across all the channels in one place. You can track pending & new calls of the customer, schedule follow-ups, & keep the customer information updated. This centralized data also supports dealers, supervisors, & technicians to align further service activities. ServitiumCRM offers a complete overview of customer call lifecycle which can improve the service rendered, increase customer experience, and heighten satisfaction.

  • Call Registration – Inbound & Outbound Call/Web/SMS/Email

    Customers can raise their queries or issues via WhatsApp bots, SMS, Call, or email, registering their complaints or requests for service, repairs, warranty enhancement, etc. This helps to minimize the manual process & solve the customer issue in a very fast manner. With outbound calls from the call center, customers can stay updated on the status of their service tickets and get complete assistance from highly talented customer service executives.

  • Follow-ups/Escalations/Reminders

    Our customer support management software can deliver notifications and alerts of service requests, follow-ups, escalations, reminders for warranty renewals as well as information of new schemes & product launches, product tips, etc.

  • General Enquiry/Lead

    Customers can submit their inquiries through various channels such as call, email, web, etc. Each & every inquiry is a potential lead. With our customer relationship management software, you can raise a query, track the progress of every inquiry, schedule follow-ups, fulfill the customer request with timely response & improve customer relationships.

  • CSAT

    Enhance customer retention & loyalty at every touchpoint. ServitiumCRM provides an opportunity to easily capture feedback from the customers. Through CSAT survey performance, you can improve the response rate of the customer via multiple channels (Call, Email, Web, WhatsApp, or SMS). Analysis of captured data can be instrumental in improving internal processes and further customer service.


360-degree Customer view: With a comprehensive overview of the customer details, deliver faster resolution and better customer service.

Elevate Customer Experience: Customer details at your fingertips make providing a personalized service experience to the customer, easier. Happy customers mean higher CSAT scores.

Improve Efficiency: Increase team productivity, drive efficiency of service processes, enabling quick service delivery, and issue resolution.

Improve Accountability: Streamlined processes improve accountability and help better evaluate performance across employees, service centers, field agents, etc.

Automatic Case Escalation: ServitiumCRM enables automatic escalations to keep stakeholders constantly informed on the status of cases and their solutions. Critical escalation cases require quick actions. Automated follow-ups and reminders prevent delays and help build customer engagement.