Customer & Product Management

Manage the complete product lifecycle with ServitiumCRM while having a 360-degree view of your customers across every touchpoint. Elevate customer experience, increase product quality, and minimize service-related costs to help your business grow.

ServitiumCRM – Customer and Product Management offers remarkable features to organize and execute exceptional customer service. It gives a single view of the customer, defines the product & parts warranty information, tracks service history, validates the sales, warranty management, and many more essential things.

Key Features
Customer Management

ServitiumCRM – Customer management system helps to advance service operations & engage customers with digital workflows. Service teams can manage customer information better and have a singular view every time they interact with the customer. They can use this information to track service history, deliver preventive service calls, share warranty or AMC information, get real-time insights into daily activities’ progress, and remove the gaps in your service processes.

Product Management

ServitiumCRM – Product management provides access to all the essential information of the customer’s registered products, such as the name of the product, date of purchase, product type, product ID, history of the service requests raised, and much more. It covers various aspects of the product, such as parts warranty information, manuals, invoices, viewing service history, and service request management.

Warranty/AMC Registration

ServitiumCRM – helps quickly and efficiently manage product warranties as well as renewals. View the complete product warranty information (start & end date) and send automated reminders of warranty renewal to customers. Get full assistance to extend warranty plans, AMC registration, AMC maturity tracking, and others.

Why ServitiumCRM – Customer and Product Management?
Integrates with Your ERP

ServitiumCRM – easily integrates with your ERP enabling you to efficiently track, manage, and organize your customer and product information in one place. ERP-based integration provides the best class accuracy in operations, enhancing workflows and accelerating sale conversions.

Enables Seamless Service Management

Customer and product management promotes a customer-centric approach and helps build trustworthy relationships with the customers. Service teams can track & manage the purchase history, pricing of goods, billing information, and daily process activities. With better process insights, the service teams can deliver seamless customer service.

Minimizes manual processes and automatically retrieve customer-related information

Manual tracking and managing the customer data & product information is very time-consuming and stressful. ServitiumCRM customer & product management provides a singular view to your service teams of the customer’s information, enhancing their interactions and reducing information duplications.

Benefits of ServitiumCRM Customer Service Management

  • Turns your service center into a profit center
  • Increases revenues from service, maintenance, and spare parts
  • Reduces service cycle time for parts return, claim to process
  • Identify emerging issues and resolve them within time
  • Streamlines and automates warranty claim management
  • Track part returns and reduces warranty costs
  • Streamlines processes and eliminates manual errors.

ServitiumCRM customer service management system is a one-stop solution to manage all customer service-related aspects. ServitiumCRM – the next-generation warranty CRM delivers consistent performance and is equipped with built-in features that enable users to provide exceptional customer experience anytime, anywhere.