Customer & Product Management

Manage the complete product lifecycle with ServitiumCRM, while having a 360-degree view of your customers and every interaction with them. Elevate customer experience, increase product quality, and minimize service-related costs to help your business grow.

Key Features

  • Warranty/AMC Registration
  • Complete Product Lifecycle Management
  • Customer Management

ServitiumCRM customer and product management software enable customer-centric companies to:

  • Integrate with ERP
  • Enable seamless service management
  • Minimize service costs and boost performance
  • Minimize manual processes and automatically retrieves customer-related information

Benefits of ServitiumCRM Customer Service Management Software

  • Turn your service center into a profit center
  • Increase revenues from service, maintenance, and spare parts
  • Reduces service cycle time for parts return, claim to process
  • Identify emerging issues and resolve within time
  • Streamline and automate warranty claim management
  • Keep a track of returns and reduces warranty cost by streamlining processes and eliminate any manual errors.

ServitiumCRM customer service management system is a one-stop solution to manage all customer service-related aspects. ServitiumCRM – the next-generation warranty CRM delivers consistent performance and is equipped with built-in features that enable users to deliver exceptional customer experience anytime, anywhere.