Client Requirement:

They have launched a new product in the market for the water solutioning preferably for the consumers. This includes sort of procedures for the recommendation of right product for the consumer where they need to collect the water samples of consumer site and sent to laboratory for the testing purposes.

What Path Proposed:

We have designed the solution on basis of above requirement and incorporated all the points into system keeping in mind to manage the complete end to end work cycle. Here we are using two applications through which complete process would manage.

Applications: Servitium CRM & Service Engineer Mobile App


Inspection Visit at Customer site
Create Lead and Lock Service ticket into Servitium CRM for the inspection at customer site by call Centre Agent, further the call will be assigning to technician on Mobile App based on location mapping, He will visit at site maintain check list/BOQ, collect water samples and submit to Laboratory for the testing.
Lab will share testing report for submitted samples that will be integrating with further Servitium CRM and product recommendation would be sharing with consumer on basis of received testing results.

Installation of Product at Site
Same Above procedure would be followed to lock service ticket into CRM for the installation of product and assign to Service center with the facility to view complete check list /BOQ of consumer site. He will arrange material, assign call to technician on app. Technician will visit at site, do the installation and made closure on app.