Field Service Management

Field service management involves multiple levels of coordination, fast response time, and prompt issue resolution. An efficient after-sales service process needs automated tools to enable the service teams and field Engineer – to gain visibility, improve efficiency, and increase productivity.

Best-in-class ServitiumCRM is an intelligent field service management software with built-in features designed to help your field service teams to deliver exceptional customer service.

You can not only assign calls, review warranty information, and access product or service-related information in real-time but also get an overview of the complete call lifecycle, product replacement process, and even the charges, collection, and deposit details. Our ServitiumCRM engineer mobile app gives field engineer access to all relevant information within the app, thus improving their ability to provide better customer service anytime, anywhere.

Essential Features

Field Service CRM Software

Call Allocation/Assignment

Optimize your call allocation/assignment with ServitiumCRM. From the registration of the customer call for service request to the call center forwarding the service request to the service center to assigning the service request call to the right technician.

Field Service Management


Get the customized dashboard where the field service agents can check all the pending, closed, and canceled service requests and take appropriate action to resolve them as
quickly as possible.

Field Service Management

Part/Product – Approval & Replacement

Manual tracking, managing, and handling inventory can be difficult and time-consuming. Our feature-rich field service management software enables enterprises to track and manage their inventory in a highly effective way where technicians can check available stock, submit replacement requests for spare parts, and get instant approval.

Field Service Management Software


Enable your field service technicians to effectively complete the payment process without any paperwork, complexities, and manual errors. Under the field service operation, the service center/technician can confirm the warranty validation of the product as well as check the charges of the product replacement and service charges.

Do more with the field service management software

Field Service Management

Improve Communication:

ServitiumCRM- Field service software provides a unified platform for the after-sales support team to allocate calls and plan daily routine activities seamlessly. Additionally, it improves efficiency and brings better coordination among multiple team members.

Field Service Management Solutions

Workforce Management:

Allocate service calls to the right field service technician as per their skill and requirement. Manage teams better to ensure completion of assigned customer issues within time.

Field Service Management CRM

Track Performance and Insights:

Gain visibility of the performance of technician's daily tasks and closure of assigned calls. Align timely notifications to all stakeholders to better manage service delivery on time.

Avoid Manual Errors

Avoid Manual Errors:

Get proactive with automation. Eliminate errors and save time by avoiding lengthy paper-based work.