Reports & Analytics

Service teams need access to accurate data across business processes to make a prompt decisions and service your customers better.

Creating a report from raw data is a tedious task. Collecting the data from diverse sources, compiling, and converting it into productive use, requires an extensive investment of time and human effort. High manual effort means the reports are prone to human errors and thus not reliable.

Generate instant reports to manage your team and activities using ServitiumCRM – customer support management software. Highly customizable, get real-time insights into daily process activities. It has an option of an advanced reporting tool that can be delivered into your inbox daily, weekly, and monthly.

Key Features

Dashboards-open/closed/pending complaint calls

Multiple filters applicable in searching criteria

Process activity tracker

Export reports in different format such as pdf, excel, etc.

Our reporting and analytics feature enables users to take a prompt and smart decision at multiple turns. Some of the reports that can be created:

Call Aging Analysis:

For a comprehensive overview of the pending calls and reasons for the same across processes, service Centres, locations, etc. Get extensive insights about the turnaround time (TAT), where your service team can easily track the response time taken to fulfill the resolution. Also, it generates a report for In-Warranty or Out-Warranty for the spare replacement as per their time and date.

ASC Performance Report

Track your ASC performance across units and geographies. It helps to improve the product quality and enhance customer satisfaction.

Inventory Consumption Reports:

Access reports of part replacement requests. View consumption across ASCs and geographies. Improve product quality and increase customer satisfaction.

Franchisee Payout Analysis:

Generate reports on franchisee claim payout details, etc.

CSAT reports:

View your CSAT scores to see how satisfied the customers are with your company’s products and services.

The proper insight into your business processes can help you manage costs, improve performance and overall system efficiency, and achieve greater customer satisfaction.

Reports & Analytics