Inventory Management

Inventory management enables enterprises to track and manage product stock levels, purchase history, billing information, and pricing of goods. A built-in inventory management feature within a CRM application is a smart option to streamline business operations and improve overall productivity.

Key Features

Multi-location set-up

Manage franchisee – OEM transactions

Direct selling of parts to customers

Best Inventory Management Software

Allocation/ issue of parts to
service engineers

Simple Inventory Management Software

Track inventory movement between
internal locations and with franchisee

Close integration with ERP

Defective part tracking from generation to warehouse

Inventory Management with ServitiumCRM

Avoid Manual Errors

Eliminate Manual Errors and Get Accurate Inventory Data:

Manually tracking and managing inventory data is time-consuming. An intelligent inventory management software enhances process efficiency and employee productivity, reduces costs, and improves customer satisfaction. An efficient CRM application reduces the chances of discrepancies and duplication of data. Real-time inventory data is accessible for customer-facing users enabling them to plan and deliver more superior after-sales service.

Field Service Management CRM

Improve and Increase Efficiency:

Having Inventory overstock and understock is not an ideal situation for any business to run smoothly and deliver after-sales service. But having accessibility to real-time inventory data all in one place, users can avoid such problems and increase after-sales support team efficiency.

Field Service Management

Recognize, Anticipate and Understand Customers:

The ability to predict and forecast customer requirements boosts business growth and customer loyalty and satisfaction in the long run. Access to stock movement and consumption insights can help predict upcoming trends and help management make more informed decisions.

Accessibility of Real-time Inventory Information:

An intelligent customer support management software provides your team quick access to real-time inventory information. Your teams can organize service delivery better by viewing the available inventory stock. You can also timely handle shortages with easy access to inventory information.

In today’s competitive marketplace, ServitiumCRM with built-in inventory management delivers smooth collaboration across various teams, streamlines information, and brings every customer-facing team member on a single platform.