Lead Management

The lead management system is the backbone of successful sales operations. Converting a lead into a potential customer depends upon the right sales strategy, efficient communication, and consistent follow-up. It helps to identify potential customers for your products and services. Generating quality leads from different sources also, lead management converts into paying customers.

In this fast-paced business environment, companies need a lead management CRM system to help them manage the customer journey. Along with this, it would also provide quick access to the after-sales support team of the customer-related information on a single platform. The process of attracting and capturing contact information is known as lead generation, which can be categorized into two methods:

(I)- Inbound Marketing (II)- Outbound Marketing
ServitiumCRM – Lead management software module serves between Call center agent, regional sales manager (RSM), and Territory sales manager (TSM) and it ensures proper follow-up to nurture the leads through the Sales Funnel.

Key Features

Lead Capture/Allocation/Qualification

Call center agents capture the lead and allocate it to the regional sales manager as a demo ticket for the evaluation and on the other hand, the call center assigns lead to the service team for the demonstration.

Sales Notifications/Alerts:

The regional sales manager assigns a qualified lead to the territory salesperson and sends the notification of closure with a comment.

Follow-up & Reminders:

Before closing the customer call, the Territory sales team takes follow-ups with customers.

Sales Tracking & Monitoring:

ServitiumCRM- lead management system gives complete insights from lead entry till closing. A full-fledged CRM application can capture leads, manage prospect details, track activities, and provide consistent information to qualify them for sales.

Why does a business need Lead Management Software?

Timely access to lead information:

Lead information scattered across excel sheets, spreadsheets, or any other tool, is now available on a single platform, quickly accessible to the concerned stakeholders.

Faster conversion of a potential lead into a customer:

With all the necessary information needed to convert a lead into a customer, get faster conversions.

Consistent Follow-ups:

A potential lead interested in your products or solution, might be evaluating your competitors as well. Reminders and notifications enable consistent and continuous follow-ups so your team can timely win the customer.

Lead Management Software

Benefits of Lead Management in ServitiumCRM

Lead Management Software
  • Improve & simplify lead nurturing

  • Enhance internal communication

  • Improve lead conversion rates

  • Build a strong customer relationship

  • Increase customer retention

  • Boost workflow automation

  • Track the entire sales process