Lead Management

Lead management system is the backbone of successful sales operations. Converting a lead into a potential customer depends upon the right sales strategy, efficient communication, and consistent follow-up.

In this fast-paced business environment, companies need a lead management CRM system to help them manage the customer journey. A full-fledged CRM application can capture leads, manage prospect details, track activities and provide consistent information to qualify them into sales. Along with this, it would also provide quick access to the after-sales support team of the customer-related information on a single platform.

ServitiumCRM Lead management Software ensures proper follow up to nurture the leads through the Sales Funnel.

Key Features

  • Lead Capture/Allocation/Qualification
  • Follow up & Reminders
  • Sales Notifications/Alerts
  • Sales Tracking & Monitoring

Why does a business need a Lead management software?

Timely access to lead information: Lead information scattered across excel sheets, spreadsheets or in any other tool, is now available on a single platform, quickly accessible to the concerned stakeholders.

Faster conversion of a potential lead into a customer: With all the necessary information needed to convert a lead into a customer, get faster conversions.

Consistent Follow-ups: A potential lead interested in your products or solution, might be evaluating your competitors as well. Reminders and notifications enable consistent and continuous follow-ups so your team can timely win the customer.