Knowledge Management

Today’s competitive and complex business environment demands consistent and accurate information which can be accessed from any time, anywhere.

Knowledge Management is the process of creating, storing, sharing, distributing the understanding of the company’s policies, processes, and products. It is frequently used by companies to help organize all the information required to run the business operations smoothly and having it easily accessible to their stakeholders.

The integration of a knowledge management system in a single CRM application helps companies to gain competitive advantage. It brings relevant and timely information quickly available to the services teams, helping them create better customer relationships and improve customer service.

Knowledge Management in CRM Application

ServitiumCRM, a comprehensive customer service management software with a built-in knowledge management system. It serves as a centralized repository of product, service, warranty, contract, and other such related information required by the service teams to timely resolve customer issues and provides exceptional customer service. Scattered documents within the organization are now accessible from a single platform saving the company is time and money.

Available on-premise and in the cloud, ServitiumCRM – a customer support management software that can elevate the customer experience with accuracy, speed and retain customers for a longer duration.

Key Features

  • Setup to manage & access the documents for delivery
  • Upload documents with required categorization
  • System tracking the consumption of documents
  • Provision with activation/expiration of uploaded documents