Field Service-Mobile App

A field service mobile application is a very dynamic and highly effective platform that can increase the productivity and efficiency of field service engineer.
Our field service mobile app enables field engineer to work efficiently and quickly manage their daily tasks and assigned calls from anywhere.
The field service engineer can access relevant information at the right time and deliver prompt and timely service to your customers. They can mark attendance and leaves while on the move, access assigned calls, route maps, customer details, product information, warranty details, and more.
The mobile app enables the engineer to manage the complete service workflow and ensures that assigned tasks are completed as per customer expectations, within dedicated timelines, and with quality specifications.

Key Features

Call Allocation/Reallocation:

With the ServitiumCRM field service mobile application, the technician can check the assigned service calls by the service center along with customer details, including name, address, phone number, registered products, service history, warranty information, and more. The technicians can accordingly plan their daily tasks and route maps.

Engineer Geo Tracking/SLA/Quality Codes:

Assign service calls to the right technician as per their location. At the same time, the technician can plan and optimize their route for upcoming service requests. The supervisor can track a technician’s location with the GEO tracking feature of the ServitiumCRM technician mobile app.

Attendance/Leave/Claim Submission:

Field service technicians can mark attendance using the ServitiumCRM- field service mobile application. They can also submit their leave applications and travel expense claims using the mobile app.

Technical Help Desk:

The mobile app helps the field service technician directly connect with the help desk team for any technical assistance. They can share information on damaged spare parts as a video or image. Also, they can quickly check spare part availability as per requirement.

Call Closure & Pending Parts:

In case of spare parts requirements, the field service technician can submit requests for part replacement and track previous pending requests. After completing a service request, the technician can close the call using the technician's mobile app.

Do more with ServitiumCRM Field Service Technician Mobile App.

Field Service Technician Mobile App

Optimize route plans to arrive on time:

Field technicians can prepare, plan and act faster for each call assigned to them. They can optimize their route plans, get the customer information at their fingertips, and even arm themselves with the required spare parts for a customer call. You can reduce costs, improve efficiency, and increase customer satisfaction with this.

Access relevant data on the go:

The technician can now access all customer and product-related information digitally, anywhere, anytime. They can reduce paper-based manual efforts in collecting and managing data such as pending calls, customer details, warranty information, registered product information, service request date, and more.

View customer and product details, service history: The

The technician can search an assigned call using the call ID in the ServitiumCRM field service mobile application and get the complete service call, customer, and product details.

Some benefits of choosing a ServitiumCRM Smart Mobility Solution:

  • Increase efficiency and productivity of the field technician team.

  • Increase first-time fix rates

  • Improve communication with real-time notifications and alerts.

  • Fewer manual errors with image, video, and invoice upload facility

  • The offline facility allows information capture even without a network.

  • Real-time call scheduling and service route mapping.

  • Deliver superior service with access to the correct information.

Field Service Mobile App
Implement the ServitiumCRM Field Service CRM and Field Service Technician mobile app to avoid service complexities and deliver a more connected customer experience. Happy customers generate repeat business.