Best-in-class, comprehensive Customer Service CRM designed to support end-to-end after-sales processes of organizations across industries and geographies.
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General Features

Call Centre
ServitiumCRM helps call center agents to acquire proper information of...
Field Service-Web
ServitiumCRM Web Software helps enterprises to provide onsite services towards customer...
Field Service-Mobile App
We offer a Mobility Solution for Service Engineers to manage the complete service...
Customer & Product Management
Find the right software to manage the complex product lifecycle via...
Inventory Management
Inventory is most valuable assets for the organizations. Here Servitium...
Franchisee Payout
With the right technology, we can manage the complete cycle of franchisee...
Knowledge Management
It provides help to user to get the information that defines the complete process...
Lead Management
Lead Module is a backbone of successful sales operations. Converting a...
Reports & Analytics
Generate instant reports to manage your team & their activities via using...
Sanitaryware, Faucets & Wellness

Achieve frictionless customer experience by capitalizing features of ServitiumCRM - Mobility, Self-Service and resolution knowledge base solutions for Technicians.

Unique Processes Support:

  • Service Franchisee / Outsourcing Management
  • Warranty & AMC Management
  • Technicians day & route planner
  • Ticket transfer and estimation
  • Technician Inventory for repair & replacements
  • Tap away access to WAR room or further support
Mobiles & Laptops

What if you can achieve same customer experience as of buying and new mobile device. Forget the worrisome areas by seamless MSL data availability and faster ELS using ServitiumCRM.

Unique Processes Support:

  • Single Screen Allocation & Prioritization
  • Device & Model based service SOPs configurations
  • Real Time Entitlements Tracking Warranty/Replace
  • Productivity Monitor for Service Agents & Technical Team
  • Ease of estimate generation
  • Pro-rata based inventory & Auto PO
Consumer Durables / Home Appliances

ServitiumCRM comes with complete package as Ticketing system, Inventory, MIS Reports, Graphical Dashboards and provides a visibility through comprehensive Web & Mobile Applications.

Unique Processes Support:

  • Warranty Management
  • Real Time Tracking & Monitoring of Team
  • Reward with Incentive policy to the Technician & Dealer on sold products
  • Ease of Claim Management for Dealers
  • Help your Field Service team to resolve customer onsite issues
  • Alert & Notification Mechanism

With ServitiumCRM your engineers are equipped to ramp up efficiency & provide great customer services. Ease of replacement and warranty management issued challans and temporary replacement to keep the systems running.

Unique Processes Support:

  • Manage Collection, Charges & Invoicing
  • Streamline your sale process getting new leads
  • Keep your client record organized & in one place
  • Quality Control
  • Easy to Integrate with Third party Applications like ERP, SAP etc.
  • Sales Order Processing
Power Solutions

Integrate & synchronize performance across all channels with implementation of ServitiumCRM. Easy to access centrally stored data for efficient processing.

Unique Processes Support:

  • Operational Activities with automation of Business Process
  • Support & Enhance Quality Management Practice
  • Manage Inventory-GRN, Part Order, Stock Transfer.
  • Staff Claim & Attendance
  • Track & Manage Appointment and Distribution of Schedules
  • Collaborations with customers on multiple communication channels like web/SMS/Email etc.

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