Franchisee Payout

For any organization, having a franchise opens several avenues for growth and expansion. It helps businesses to deliver products and services in new markets and locations. Managing a franchise, on the other hand, is a huge task. Franchises face multiple complexities and challenges in delivering excellent customer experience.

With the right technology and the right CRM software, you can smoothly manage all your franchise operations.

ServitiumCRM, designed for next-generation customer service provides a complete solution for all after-sales service-related activities. Build better relationships with your franchisees for long-term growth. Manage the complete cycle of franchisee payout end-to-end seamlessly, thus transforming your business to deliver fast and secure after-sales service.

Key Features

  • Payout Setup
  • Daily Evaluation Process
  • Approval/Rejection/Rejection Reversal
  • Claim Generation/Approval/Print

Do a lot more with ServitiumCRM

With ServitiumCRM, one of the best CRM software, built-in with remarkable features, you can synchronize several processes to bring uniformity, innovation, improved productivity, and predictability in your daily operations.

Accessibility and viewability of multiple franchisee details are important for any business. Using this CRM solution, enterprises can even access and monitor franchise-related activities for every location, handle franchise claim settlement and elevate the overall customer experience across all their franchises.

A reliable franchise system management software, ServitiumCRM is designed to handle all types of processes involved in after-sales service. Integrated with ERP, it provides more visibility into the franchisee payout system. It allows generating invoices for franchisees by following a predefined set of rules & matrices defined in the system and gives full transparency to calculate the payouts and royalties.


  • Smoothly run multiple franchisees with cloud-based CRM to reduce IT costs and avoid manual processes.
  • Create and submit a purchase order (PO) for the stock requirement and speed up the whole process.
  • Leverage customer claim management to elevate customer experience.
  • Integrated with ERP to get real-time reports and tackle location-based demand.
  • Identify fraud, settle claims and quickly retrieve any franchise-related information.
  • Improve operational efficiency

Franchisees that are integrated with a single CRM system coordinate better with other customer-facing departments. Therefore, to deliver excellent customer service companies should empower franchises with a robust CRM application- ServitiumCRM, which provides mobility and web interfaces for anytime anywhere access.