ServitiumIOT Video

The Internet of Things is transforming how organizations manage their assets and operations. We have things that sense, collect, and send the data to the internet.
Let’s understand this with one example— A water heater with IoT-enabled functionality in the market can identify the malfunction occurring in the product and immediately send updates to the user to take proactive action.
ServitiumIOT provides a secure digital asset management platform, allowing enterprises to smoothly manage their IoT devices and connect and enable smart homes. Seamlessly integrated with IoT devices and CRM solutions, it allows:

Key Features

Seamless integration with IoT devices

Secured IoT data gathering

Digital data store and structure

Analytics on-field product failure

Embedded rules to automatically create service requests

Seamlessly integrated with other
CRM solutions

Mobile App for the consumers to interact with the product and analyze the consumption

Seamlessly connect to enable
smart home

Auto alerts and predefined actions

Key Components of ServitiumIOT



  • Easy tracking of customer behavior

  • Asset tracking and inventory control

  • New avenues of revenue generation

  • Increase efficiency and productivity

  • Better cost benefits

  • Improved decision-making